Andenes, Norway and Reykjavik, Iceland – American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC) recently supported the 175th Air Wing in both Iceland and Norway on the recent Swift Response exercise. ARC has grown its service profile to the Department of Defense (DoD) beyond traditional logistics services to other Government Services including supporting our troops in expeditionary and life support while abroad.

“Without your diligent efforts, our mission would not have been successful,” said Lt. Col. Paul Doran after the final members of the 175th Air Wing returned home from the important exercise.

Exercise Swift Response is an annual U.S. Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) led multinational training exercise focused on enhancing Allied Airborne forces’ ability to quickly and effectively respond to crisis situations as an interoperable, multi-national team.

About ARC

ARC provides Government Services including global logistics, shipping, expeditionary and life support services. ARC and its U.S. affiliates own and manage the largest U.S.-flag roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) fleet. This includes providing American-owned, managed, and crewed Ro-Ro shipping and intermodal services committed to the requirements of the Department of Defense, other U.S. Government departments and agencies, and commercial customers.

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