BEAUMONT, TX – The U.S. Army’s 842nd Transportation Battalion, 597th Transportation Brigade loaded a Patriot Missile Battery on board ARC’s M/V Resolve on October 31. The missile battery was discharged in Iskenderun, Turkey on November 20 in support of ongoing NATO operations in the region.  According to the NATO website, six Patriot missile batteries […]

LIVORNO, ITALY – M/V Resolve loaded cargo at Livorno, Italy on August 13 destined for Qatar and Kuwait as part of a reset of Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS). There are five Army prepositioned sets of equipment: APS-1 (in the continental United States); APS-2 stocks (in Europe); APS-3 (Afloat); APS-4 (Northeast Asia); and APS-5 (in Southwest […]

24 September 2014 BREMERHAVEN, Germany — American Roll-on/Roll-off Carrier (ARC) discharged more than 370 tanks, mechanized vehicles and other heavy military equipment from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, which is in Europe in support of Operations Atlantic Resolve and Combined Resolve III. M/V Courage’s discharge operations were conducted at the Kaiserhafen quay […]