About ARC

American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC) is the leading U.S.-flag Ro-Ro carrier operating liner services in the International trades. ARC provides port-to-port and end-to-end transport of heavy vehicles, helicopters and other equipment for the U.S. government and its various agencies. We also carry agricultural and construction equipment for developing nations, Federal Transit Administration public transportation cargoes, U.S. Export-Import Bank preference cargoes, and other commercial break-bulk and Ro-Ro business.

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ARC provides exceptional U.S.-flag international Ro-Ro shipping services, including related inland transportation and distribution capabilities

Our Services

ARC’s fleet is the most versatile U.S.-flag Ro-Ro fleet at sea today. In various configurations, ARC’s vessels can transport thousands of automobiles, trucks and military vehicles, as well as helicopters and break-bulk cargo. ARC also transports agricultural, construction and other high and heavy equipment for some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Latest News

Fredrikstad, Norway – American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier’s M/Vs Resolve and Independence II loaded military rolling stock and other cargo at the Norwegian ports of Fredrikstad and Fiborgtangen in support of Operation Trident Juncture. M/V Independence II moved nearly 200 pieces of Army equipment from both ports in Norway to Germany. M/V Resolve moved over 350 […]

ARC Group Board Chairman Ray Fitzgerald Honored at AOTOS Awards ARC Group Board chairman Ray Fitzgerald was honored with the United Seamen’s Service (USS) Admiral of the Ocean Sea (AOTOS) award at the 49th annual awards ceremony held in New York on Friday, November 2, 2018. The AOTOS award is one of the most prestigious […]