170 miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina – The American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC)-owned M/V Endurance, which had just loaded more than 1900 pieces of high priority military cargo destined for Europe to support ongoing NATO exercises, responded to a ‘Mayday’ call from the Black Pearl, a small sailboat which was sinking 12 nautical miles from their position. Once the Black Pearl was in visual range, the Endurance Captain, Glenn Koshak, deftly maneuvered the M/V Endurance into position to lower a rescue ladder and recover the exhausted sailor who was the sole occupant of the boat. Ultimately, he was transferred at sea to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Yellowfin and returned to shore.

The swift and professional actions of the M/V Endurance Captain and Crew reflect the best values of the American Merchant Mariner and American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier. “Helping a sailor in distress on the open seas is a moral imperative regardless of the priority of our cargo. I’m just happy we could help,” said Captain Koshak. The M/V Endurance is one of the largest, most capable commercial vessels in the global fleet with a 320 metric ton (MT) stern ramp, main deck maximum height of 20 feet (6.25 meters), and 262,252 square feet of militarily useful capacity.

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