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American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC) has selected Swedish safety technology company LifeFinder for the supply of personal locator systems that will be installed on its M/V Patriot vessel.

ARC recently completed the initial stage of a two-stage pilot program with LifeFinder, testing its personal locator technology.

Based on the promising results from the first stage, ARC has committed to the second stage of the pilot which includes the full installation and operation of LifeFinder’s Emergency Crew Locator system on its vessel M/V Patriot.

The installation will take place during the vessel’s upcoming rotation through Northern Europe and the system evaluation will run for a period of three to six months.

LifeFinder’s Emergency Crew Locator system provides for the fast and precise location of crew members onboard a vessel in the event of an onboard emergency like fire or collision.

“Thus far, the results from the pilot program are quite promising, and if the full installation works as designed, it will provide us with a valuable tool providing the quick, accurate location of crew members in the event of an onboard casualty. Reducing the time between notification of an onboard event and response to that incident is critical in ensuring a positive outcome,” said Fred Finger, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations, ARC.

“As always when bringing new innovations and technology to market, the lessons learned from the pilot program have been invaluable in focusing on optimizing the installation of the system in real use cases and environments. The close collaboration with ARC not only refines our perspective on safety but also provides us with the invaluable chance to enhance our concept. We believe that our systems contribute to developing a new safety standard for the marine industry,” added Anders Schening, CEO of LifeFinder.

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