American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group Inc. (ARC) was awarded a new Maritime Security Program (MSP) Operating Agreement by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) for the operation of the soon-to- be-renamed M/V ARC Honor.

Once reflagged to U.S. registry, the ship will be enrolled in MSP, the bedrock Congressional maritime readiness program that maintains a modern, active fleet of U.S.-flagged, privately-owned ships in commercial trade that are available upon request by the Secretary of Defense to provide sealift capacity and support to the military and other federal agencies in times of need, such as war and national emergencies.

“This tremendously capable and flexible U.S.-flag ship will be crewed by American merchant mariners and operate in our global network supporting America’s national defense and economic security through trade,” said Eric Ebeling, ARC President & CEO. The contract was awarded by MARAD to ARC’s ship-owning component Fidelio Limited Partnership and the ship will also be enrolled in U.S. Transportation Command’s Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA).

The vessel is 229.99m long with a 6.50m high stern opening and a stern ramp rated for cargo weighing up to 320 MT. M/V ARC Honor will be the company’s fourth U.S.-flag LCTC (large car truck carrier) vessel. “We look forward to working with the U.S. Coast Guard on the vessel reflag as soon as possible,” added Ebeling.

M/V ARC Honor will be among the most capable and militarily useful vessels in the U.S.-flag commercial fleet, able to carry tracked and wheeled vehicles, helicopters, and other high and heavy project cargoes. ARC currently owns and operates nine roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) vessels in the international trades and is the largest U.S.-flag Ro-Ro operator.

About ARC

ARC provides Government services including global logistics and shipping services. ARC and its U.S. affiliates own and manage the largest U.S.-flag Ro-Ro fleet. This includes providing American-owned, managed, and crewed Ro-Ro shipping and intermodal services committed to the requirements of the Department of Defense, other U.S. Government departments and agencies, and commercial customers.


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